Dell gives away Win2k product key on web site

I just posted the article Dell gives away Win2k product key on web site.

Dell has made a little mistake, they’ve put accidently the product key of Win2k on their website. In an article on Theregister there is nicely described how you can get this key.

Just do some…

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It’s there alright but I can’t make out the code… Not that I need it but still… :slight_smile:

nice. but u did notice that the cd key that dell has on the site is lacking the last alphanumeric part? so it is useless as well, unless the four parts are enough for some reason.

Lol - I spotted this, you get quite a good view of it too. Rather nice of them if I do so say myself :slight_smile:

I always knew Dell was one of the best! :wink:

it was taken off before I gota chance to view it, not that I needed to anyway

its still there…what are you talking about thegreat682 ? u have to click on the 360degree preview thing.

Although it’s still ther, they now edited it so the serial will know longer be readable. :4 Great isn’t it.