Dell dvd writer

Hi all,

im new to this forum and i wish i had found it earlier! Ok, i purchased a dell sometime ago and it came with a dvd rw - which i discovered only writes on + format. its a 4x job and does me quite well…but…i was wondering if there were any firmware upgrades or tweaks that i can make to it - i dont know, to make it record on -r ;).

also, looking to buy a new and faster dvd-rw - saw the NEC ND3500 on, looks pretty good and i read th forum threads on it. any advice on any other good dvd rw’s which supports all formats and dual layer?

Nice site and forum, wealth of information from users here! t

thanks again.

Its probably a NEC-1100A. Go into Device Manager to see what drive it is. If it is a 1100, it can be flashed to 1300, which is dual format. Be warned that flashing the firmware is not a beginner task. Theres a possiblity you may kill your drive. 3500 is a very good drive. Personally have BenQ.

Be very warned that most Dell hardware have Dell strings in their hardware ID’s. Flashing them could make them useless. Backup your standard firmware!!