Dell dvd RW HLDS GWA4164B DVD



cannot make it work, using the sonic software, tried GQ 16x dvd+ Rw disks, get error message, insert blank dvd9any help??



Hi Steve1313, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

I’m guessing those GQ discs are regular single-layer discs, and whatever you are backing up (movie?) is on a dual layer disc, and there isn’t enough space on the destination disc.

If it is a movie you’re backing up, you’ll need to shrink it so it’ll fit onto a single-layer disc, or use a DL disc (I recommend Verbatim for dual layer).

A bit more detail - i.e. what it is you’re trying to back up etc, would be really handy :slight_smile:


If you’re backing up a movie DVD, you can try DVDShrink to squeeze that Dual Layer Movie onto a standard single Layer DVDR :wink:


There are no 16x DVD+RW discs. The RW logo is a bit misleading, but I guess you have regular 16x rated DVD+R discs.
Since GQ “Great Quality” 8x DVD-R is on the list of Taiyo Yuden fakes and suspects, I guess the problem with those discs is low quality.
You can’t be wrong with genuine Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim/Mitsubishi brand discs.
If you buy double layer discs (DVD9 discs), Verbatim is the only way to go at the moment :iagree:


Yeah, I guessed the OP was using regular +Rs, as opposed to RWs. And whilst it’s true that GQ aren’t “Great Quality”, I guessed it would be better to get him backing up successfully before moving onto the question of which discs would be better for him. :slight_smile:


Don’t forget that some burners are picky about disc quality :frowning:


This is true, the LGs that I have like the good stuff. They’ll burn Ritek - grudgingly - but anything crap, forget it.