Dell DVD+R only to DVD-R upgrade

Hi All,

I read on AVForum that an (unofficial) upgrade was posted on here to allow DVD+R only PCs to burn DVD-R.
I have searched extensively but can’t find anything.
Please can someone point me in the right direction.
Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Probably not. But you need to know what drive you have before you can learn anything. How is it identified in Device Manager? If you can run Nero InfoTool, that will tell us a lot.

SOME drives can be updated, but not very many. Early Liteon +R only could be updated to do -R, but in the end they did -R exceptionally poorly and might as well have simply been left alone.

With the amount of time you’ll spend on this, why not just drop $30 on a last-gen multiformat drive? Then put in an extra hour or two at work… instead of the dozen hours you’ll spend trying to “upgrade”…

There are only a very few exceptions offering such crossflashing updates.
A well known one is the NEC 1100 > 1300 which doesn’t guarantee unproblematic burning of -R anyway.

but DELL is a specific case. They offer crippled drives with OEM firmwares to avoid licencing costs. So flashing with a retail firmware sometimes can add -R or DVD-RAM support.

So what Drive do you actually have?