Dell DVD Driver

Dell sent me a replacement DVD+RW Drive module for my computer. It was not the right one and they said to keep it and they would send another. My question is, what is it for so I can pass it on to someone that can use it.
The label says Dell LBL P/N C3284-A00
The sticker on drive says PH-0R046F-70619-87L-662K-A00
Made in PH
DP/N 0R046F

Here is a link which says which Dell laptops the drive is compatible with:

Thanks for the linc, but does the other info given on the stickers mean anything as far as model used in?

I am confused by what you are asking when you say “model used in.” Are you asking what computer the drive originally came in? if so, any of the models listed in the previous link I gave you will work.
I did a search on Dell’s website, turns out that drive is a rebadged NEC 6500A.

What I meant was, the paperwork that came with the drive states it is a R046F. Can I tell if it is refurbished or new? I googled that PN and find rather odd references. Thanks.

It is a refurbished drive.

Thanks, that’s kind of what I thought.