Dell Dvd Burner

I recently had to reformat my Dell E521 xp media edition. Now my ts-h553a dvd burner will not burn from any software. I went to dell and d/l’ed the dvd driver again, but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?..many thanks

Hi NativeTexan65, welcome! :slight_smile:

Guessing you’re using Windows (if so, which version?), does the drive have a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager?

Also, you say it doesn’t burn - what software have you tried, and do you get any error messages?

I have windows xp media edition, the device driver does not have a problem in the device manager window. I used the dell provided restore disks when i reformatted. But now, I can’t burn with nero or even the windows burner.

When i use nero the “burn” button is not availible to click and when i use ‘send to’ it says it encountered an error.

Does Nero give you an error message - or even recognise your drive? Does it even start to burn?

What brands of discs have you tried?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get a clearer picture of what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Edit: Aha, just seen your last post. So that brings me back to whether Nero recognises your drive. And what version of Nero you’re using.

Also - have you tried other software like ImgBurn?

I am using nero 6.something prolly 6.0.4ish. I had this version working just fine before i reformatted which is why i thought it might be a driver issue. I’m not sure how to see if nero recognizes the drive.

I have not tried ImgBurn

There should be a drop-down list of your drives (plus the Image Recorder) near the top right of the main Nero window. :slight_smile:

Windows actually uses a generic, one-fits-all driver for CD/DVD drives, and extra ones aren’t needed.

This why I asked if there were any problems in Device Manager - often if there’s a problem, under the Properties of the drive you may see an error code number. :slight_smile:

Do you have any other burning software (or virtual drive/emulation software, come to think of it) installed besides Nero?

sorry for the delay, the phone rang. nero express drop down menu has the same 4 selections two for cd and two for dvd.

no other burning software on my hd

Is your DVD burner listed (by it’s name) anywhere in Nero Express?

Does it appear OK in My Computer, and can it read CD/DVD media (either pressed or previously burned)?

yes, the name appears correctly inside nero express and it appears ok in my computer and yes it can read or copy information just fine.

Excellent on both counts. Means that the drive’s pretty much OK from what I can see. Plus Nero’s not having a problem recognising it. :slight_smile:

What brands of disc have you tried? And have you tried to burn both CDR and DVD R media?

well, i’m using the remainder of the dvd’s i bought prior to reformatting uuhhmmm… they’re sony’s DVD-R (these disks were burning just fine before the format like i mentioned). I haven’t tried to burn a regular cd yet as the information i’m wanting to burn won’t fit on 750mb.

Yeah, those should be fine. I would definitely give ImgBurn a go, though it may mean sacrificing a disc for troubleshooting purposes. :wink:

Also, if they’re 16x discs, try setting the burn speed to 8x.

thank you so much for all your help

You’re welcome :)…see how ImgBurn does. If it fails, post any error messages or errors that you get :wink:

Edit: troubleshooting from a distance can be a long process sometimes, but it’s worth it if a solution can be found! :slight_smile: