Dell dvd burner

My sister has a dell computer and the dvd won’t open, and when you use the paper clip to open it won’t read or burn. the divice manager says it is working .It shows it as dc 16x dvd+rw
What make do you think it is and what to do to fix it?

Me again just found out its a philips 8631. Is that a rebage, rebage

As soon as you turn on your PC by pressing the Power button, does it open when pressing the eject button of the philips 8631 ? We have to narrow down the problem whether it’s a software or hardware issue. Sometimes softwares or Windows drivers can cause conflict or lockup the drive after the Windows boot up.

It’s a Benq 1620.

Thanks for alll the replies. Tried everything , could only open with paper clip and when you put disk in and close it it would just jump amd bump (LOL) till i reopen it manualy. So i sent it to grave yard and installed a new one. It works great.