Dell dumps Microsoft for Linux



Oh :rolleyes: that thorn-in-the-side of MS…

Laptops to come preinstalled with Linux instead of Window…

hehe :cool:


I will not buy any Dell with Linux…period.

I have nothing against Linux. It just doesn’t float my boat.


Excellent idea!!! :slight_smile:
It’s about time! :slight_smile:
Thank Goodness! :slight_smile:
Great news, :slight_smile:


“However, in an official statement, Dell said it is already working with [B]Novell [/B] to certify its corporate client products for [B]Suse Linux[/B], including OptiPlex desktops, Latitude notebooks, and Precision workstations.”

You do realize that M$ and Novell have formed some kind of partnership, right?

It doesn’t look to me like they are dumping M$…just adding Linux.

“Customers interested in a Microsoft® Windows® solution should purchase a Dell notebook pre-loaded with Windows XP Professional.”

Bottom Line:
It’s good for Dell to add Linux. The more options the better. :slight_smile:



I find humour in the irony … Escape from a Corporate software Giant, into the arms of the same Corporate Giants partner.

The best thing about Linux is that it’s free … the worst part of this, is that novell are charging both for the (free) OS and then for the support. I wonder why Microsoft didn’t think of it first … Oh wait, they did! They bought Novell :wink:
Or hasn’t that happened yet?