Dell dumps Microsoft for Linux

Oh :rolleyes: that thorn-in-the-side of MS…

Laptops to come preinstalled with Linux instead of Window…

hehe :cool:

I will not buy any Dell with Linux…period.

I have nothing against Linux. It just doesn’t float my boat.

Excellent idea!!! :slight_smile:
It’s about time! :slight_smile:
Thank Goodness! :slight_smile:
Great news, :slight_smile:

“However, in an official statement, Dell said it is already working with Novell to certify its corporate client products for Suse Linux, including OptiPlex desktops, Latitude notebooks, and Precision workstations.”

You do realize that M$ and Novell have formed some kind of partnership, right?

It doesn’t look to me like they are dumping M$…just adding Linux.

“Customers interested in a Microsoft® Windows® solution should purchase a Dell notebook pre-loaded with Windows XP Professional.”

Bottom Line:
It’s good for Dell to add Linux. The more options the better. :slight_smile:


I find humour in the irony … Escape from a Corporate software Giant, into the arms of the same Corporate Giants partner.

The best thing about Linux is that it’s free … the worst part of this, is that novell are charging both for the (free) OS and then for the support. I wonder why Microsoft didn’t think of it first … Oh wait, they did! They bought Novell :wink:
Or hasn’t that happened yet?