Dell drops out of the MP3 player market - now focuses on PCs

I just posted the article Dell drops out of the MP3 player market - now focuses on PCs.

 Dell, the 

World’s largest manufacturer of computers has decided to leave the MP3 player business after sluggish sales of its DJ Ditty music player series. This makes it clear that…

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Couldn’t source any more firebombs (err, batteries) for them could they? :d :wink:

Prototype, Apple had just recalled it’s laptops batteries. The problem was not Dell, but Sony, which supplies battery cells for both of these manufacturers (and I won’t be surprised if HP will have a recall soon).

Speaking of Dell and the battery recall: I had one of the batteries subject to recall. It had never even gotten warm, but - hey - a free replacement for an old battery is hard to turn down. Dell couldn’t have made it any easier. I logged into their battery recall site, entered the battery’s S/N, verified that my battery series was being recalled, entered my name and address and clicked a button. Five days later the new battery was delivered. I popped the old one into the same box, slapped on the included postage paid label and dropped it in the mail box. Just like NetFlix! Way to go, Dell!