Dell Dimension XPS B___r Shutting Off & Revving

Hello all!

I’m having a recent issue with my XPS B system. I recently installed a 4 port USB 2.0 card in the machine, and everything works fine.

Yesterday, I had cause to bring the machine down for a while. From its shutdown state, when I plugged it back in and hit the power button, it ‘revved’ for a second and then shut down again.

I pressed the power button again. Same thing. You can hear the fans spin up and then shut down. Pressing the power button continuously in a rapid fashion (revving) gets it to the post area where it becomes stable and continues to boot. There are no other problems than this.

It seems like a really odd thing… reboot works fine, machine runs fine, it just won’t rise from a total shutdown gracefully.

Any ideas?

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It sounds like there is too much initial power draw for the power supply to handle. components require an initial surge of power to get going before they return to normal power useage. whats happening when you rapidly push the pwr button is the HDD(s) spin a little faster each time so they require a little less power each time until there is enough power saved to boot everything else.

it would be helpfull to know your power supply’s rating in watts and 12v amperage (both are printed on the PSU)

also what all is in your PC? how many pci cards, HDDs, optcal drives, fans, etc.

for now you can try blowing all the dust out of the fans and the PSU using a can of compressed air

Could be a power supply issue, a hardware conflict, etc… Start trouble shooting by process of elimination. Start by disconnecting anything that isn’t necessary (your usb card, secondary HD, CD/DVD drives, and see if that changes anything. Then readd one at a time if it boots without those hooked up. Depending on how old your xps model is, it could be the psu. Or, it could be the new usb card that you added, since it wasn’t happening before. While you have the case open, make sure you blow out all the dust.