Dell dimension 8400 memory

I have a dell dimension 8400 and want to increase the memory I have 2 512 cards pc2-4200 (533)MHZ, my question is will this memory fit Kingston KVR533D2N4/1G 1GB DDR2-533 PC2-4200 from all my reading it has all requirments but does not say if it is non-registered (data integrity check) voltage same same 240 pin I would get 2 can fit up to 4 gigs on this motherboard. Any help apprciated.

If you’re going to fill up all four DIMM slots, all four sticks should match each other exactly (put it this way, they should all be identical in every single minute detail) for the most reliable operation. Even a slight mismatch may result in your system failing to even POST or boot past the BIOS screen. And some systems will drop your memory speed (e.g. from DDR2-533 to DDR2-400) if you load in more than two sticks of memory.

With all that said, those particular Kingston memory should work - if you remove your existing modules from your system. That’s because the OEM memory which came with your Dell system does not mix well at all with other memory modules besides what you can order directly from Dell’s parts department at inflated prices. Also, all Kingston ValueRAM modules are unbuffered (note that registered = buffered, and your system’s memory controller does not support registered/buffered memory).

From Dell:
[B]DDR2 Memory Overview[/B]
DDR2 memory modules should be installed in pairs of matched memory size, speed, and technology. If the DDR2 memory modules are not installed in matched pairs, the computer will continue to operate, but with a slight reduction in performance. See the label on the upper-right corner of the module to determine the module’s capacity.

So, a matched pair in slots 1 and 2 and a matched pair
in slots 3 and 4.
DDR2 memory can and should be purchased in matched pairs.

Thank you for all the help any info on good memory at great prices will also help me , :bigsmile:

Your best bet is going to be to find DDR2 memory on special… get two identical 1GB sticks, and then sell your set on Ebay.

why can’t I just leave the 2 512’s in slots 1 and 2 then stick the 2 1 gig cards in 3 and 4. they will still match

Memory controllers in newer systems have become increasingly finicky. The two 1GB cards will likely use completely different IC chips than its 512MB model mates. If even one component isn’t completely uniform (in every minute detail, including the IC chip characteristics), your system may hiccup.