Dell dimension 4700



Hi, I bought pc2 -4200 ram , 2 -1gig sticks of corsair worked fine for a couple weeks then i received a parity error when playing a game, computer boots up fine… but i receive this error when playing a game. I called dell they said the mother board is locked to pc2-3200, is there something i can do in the bios…thanks


PC4200 RAM will run fine @ PC3200 speeds, you might still have a bad stick. Not sure what you can do in the BIOS, maybe someone with more dell BIOS experience can help, I;m pretty sure you won’t be able to change any settings for your memory.

You can try running memtest:

You should be able to test 1 stick at a time. If bad, corsair probably will replace the stick or the complete set.


Too low of a voltage to the DIMM slots can also cause the stability problems that you’re describing. That particular Dell system - and all other name-brand computer systems, for that matter - require that any memory modules to be used with such systems to be fully compliant with the JEDEC reference standard specs for the relevant memory clock speeds. (This means 1.75 to 1.8 Volts on the DIMMs.) Unfortunately, most Corsair modules (especially the XMS/TWINX series modules) and virtually all performance-oriented memory modules require significantly higher voltage than the JEDEC standard in order to work reliably. (In the case of your particular Corsairs, they require 2.0 or 2.1 Volts, whereas your Dell’s memory slots only put out 1.75 to 1.8 Volts - and there is no way at all whatsoever to manually adjust anything memory-related on any name-brand OEM system, Dell included.)