Dell Dimension 4500 & Lite-On CD-RW

2 weeks ago or so I posted to this forum as well as the Lite-On forum about problems I was having in using the CD-RW that came bundled with the Roxio basic software.

After almost 2 months of little or no definitive help from Dell’s Tech. Support I finally got some good direction from several on this forum (thanks very much!) on the question of best media, error messages, etc.

Last week I ran into a young high school student (I substitute-teach) who I knew was very big into computers (the kid runs a Linux server out of his house here in rural Wisconsin) and described the problem…his first response was “get rid of that poor Roxio lite software and get Nero!”

He gave me some help to uninstall Roxio and install Nero. Now the CD-RW works just fine and I have successfully burned my first CD-R. I bought 1 Imation media but will buy more.

Unfortunately it appears the Memorex CD-RW’s are ruined although I just got 1 of the 5 to erase using Nero. The other 4 return and error of media not found so I assume they’re good only now for target practice.

Of course, no one I’ve written and spoken with at Dell even suggested the software they bundled may be the problem. It seems they quickly told me the warranty covered only hardware.

By bundling a lite version of software they ought to at least stand behind it or let the customer know they’ll have to purchase the full version. Since I trusted this student I just decided to go with Nero and to heck with giving Roxio or Dell any more money.

So, the moral of the story, I guess, is always take “Free” as an offer or inducement to purchase with a grain of salt.

Dell’s own forums have some who also bought these promotion systems with the same problems. I had posted a link to this resource and am now going to post back to the Dell forums although I suspect my post will be quickly removed since I do not have kind words for Dell and their poor tech. support.

Again, thanks for the help. I’ll learn much more from this forum now that I can at least use the CD-RW.

Best, Ken in WI

Roxio is having lot’s of problems with the 5.X version and Windows XP which came bundled with your machine. You made the right choice to switch to Nero. If you’re interested, Roxio has a discussion forum that you could check periodically to see if they get the bugs out of the program.

There are not many differences when you compare software companies to a drug dealer.

The “first” easy one is always free and when you want to use “more” or “better” , you have to pay up.

The way of Dell is simple. They get a 3rd party vendor to point and he/she can manufacture writers for Dell. (Dell has partnered with Lexmark for its printers. Another horrible story). The 3rd party vendor is happy , because of the huge order he will have.

Then Dell and/or the 3rd party vendor point to a software company who can get them the cheapest software of them all. Roxio’s Easy Coaster Toaster makes a perfect deal with them.

Why do you think we’re called a computer users instead of customers :slight_smile:

Mr. B,

Thanks for the reply.

Right you are! As a PC user since 1980 I’m not sure if software/support is better or worse. Years ago I think most of us just knew we’d spend hours sitting with manuals on our laps trying to make the danged things work.

What really ticked me off about Dell was the attitude of their support group. I had 5 different rep’s get involved - I’d send an e-mail reply, then get yet a new person and have to repeat the entire problem, what I’d done, etc.

Then finally a Senior rep. takes the lead and she writes and lectures me about Dell only being responsible for hardware. I think she knew the Roxio lite software was involved but, of course, wouldn’t address that.

She promised “ownership” of my problem until resolution, then 2 weeks later I found out she was no longer in tech. support and this coming by way of an e-mail from her telling me I’d need to start over with a brand new tech…

I don’t mind working with tech. people to resolve issues but I do mind it when I’m lectured to, implications that the problem may be “user-created”, etc. Right out of the box I tried to use the CD-RW with new media and Roxio by following all prompts, using their help (poor, at best) and 2 - 3 error messages and this is B/S.

I suspect other vendors have similar problems but I bought a Dell since I’d never had that brand and saw articles which appeared to give the Dimension line good ratings.

These forums are very helpful; I can still recall the old IRC forums as well as newsgroups from years ago as users sought to share and learn from each other. Long before images, fancy text, etc.

Best, K in Wisconsin


This is essentially what the young high school student said. I believe he’d just helped another Dell owner solve a similar problem. I’ll be seeing him today to let him know Nero solved the problem. I probably won’t go to Roxio as I got sick and tired of their pop-up trying to get you to purchase the full version. Makes me wonder if the half version had enough to even use it with the CD-RW.

Best, K in Wisconsin

at least you got through to the people at dell in order to be lectured. imagine if you got an HP :wink: