Dell Dimension 3000

Hello, not sure if anyone is capable of helping me.

I want to install eSATA / USB 2.0 PCI Card


I wanted to know if it would be compatible with my system.
The reason I want this card is because I want to purchase an External Hard Drive and all they come in is eSATA/USB2.0/Firewire. I currently installed a Firewire Card f.y.i

My system hardware is:
Dell Dimension 3000
( Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3ghz)
Hard Drive: 80gb Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM

You have to forgive me I’m 18 trying to catch up with technology.

If anyone could also reccomend some books on learning hardware and software of current computers.

Thank You in advance

Word of advice before buying from ebay look at Newegg or Amazon they are more reliable source for your buying need in way of electronis and RMA. That should work but as stated before check your manufacture site and email them they will better help. Research the seller on ebay before buying as those parts maybe used and you won’t be able get a refund or return. Otherwise I would recommend going first with Newegg and then check with Amazon for that same part and ask their tech support about the product compatiblity with your Dell. But from reading it - it should work in your system if you have a free PCI slot to use. I would advise on buying on ebay as before unless you know enough of the product they are selling. Since I can’t seem to find anything about what brand and manufacture it is I would say that isn’t a good buy.

Here a similiar product for your comparison


If anyone could also reccomend some books on learning hardware and software of current computers.

Thank You in advance[/QUOTE]

Here are some of my recommendation from Amazon. Cause I did read them and checked those materials from my library so that would be a good place for you to read them before deciding to buy them.

Their older issues for XP but should do well to inform you.
This is a big link but the books you should take a look at is

PC Annoyances 2005 , PC Hardware Annoyances 2004 , Internet Annoyances 2005, Home Networking Annoyances 2005
They should be a good source for your reading and references.

Thank You so much coolcolors, I really appreciate your help because I am in the dark with computer hardware. Once again thank you!!! :bow: :clap:

NP. I am in no way saying to stay away from ebay but that you should be really sure about whom your buying from and read the fine prints as well. I would only buy from ebay if Newegg or Amazon doesn’t have it but since I am Newegg and Amazon member and buyer. I will stay with them until I don’t have a choice then only then will I go ebay…but then again they have craiglist and I would go more with craiglist. Where here to give real life experiences from online purchases to hardware and software we buy…as everything everyone on here is diverse in their view and choices so a good advise is to read or research much as you can at least before deciding to make a purchase.