Dell Diangnostic floppy to bootable CD

Hey all, this is kinda tricky to explain…

At my job we use many dell machines and hence their diagnostic software to troubleshoot the machines. However, most of the new software is large (4 - 5 floppy’s) unlike some older ones that were just 1 floppy. I tried making these as bootable cd’s but had problems. Basically, it boots and loads disk 1 fine, but then prompts for disk 2, I threw all files into the root directory, trying first to make one CD. I also tried making each disk a seperate CD, but it insisted for a floppy 2 anyway’s. There must be a file amongst these that directs the software where to look or be prompted. Has anyone dealt with making 1 CD that uses a set of Floppy’s.

I had this same error when trying to make DOS 6.22 install completely off 1 CD (for kicks) and also cause of some really old games I liked to play in DOS mode. I assume the procedure would be the same for any of these circumstances, because the Dell cd’s are DOS like software that loads.

Thanks for any help :wink:

Surely there must be some DOS programers from back int he day or heck, even someone that knows how to hack the darn file.

im not too sure the dmca wants me to help you :stuck_out_tongue: - and dos programming was before me.

looking through the config.sys and autoexec.bat files (if present) would be a good start. i have less than 0 experience.