Dell D630 DVD Playback issue

Lo all!

I’m having a playback issue with a DVD we have authored and am desperate for some help! The DVD works fine on all dvd players we have access to (this includes standalone units, laptops, desktops, macbooks etc…) but not on a Dell D630.

The DVD will play but it is so jittery as to make viewing impossible.

RE the DVD:

We authored in Adobe Encore, bit rate is currently set @ 4 with audio channel max 1.5.

We are using Verbatim DVD-R but have also tested on +R and other brands.

Field Dominance is not the issue (we have dealt with this already)

If we play the DVD from the HD and play in VLC then it will work on a D630. It will not work from Windows Media Player or Real Player from the hard disk. From the disk drive it plays in none of the above players.

We have burnt from a variety of programs and platforms without changes in behaviour.

I believe it to be the DVD Player on the D630 thats causing all the issues, but in a twist of fate, this is the ONLY dvd whch doesn’t playback fine on a D630. Everything else we test works as expected.

Any ideas??


If the DVD works well in other computers and plays fine from the hard disk and in VLC, then it is a software issue with Windows Media Player. You could try downloading and installing the latest version from Microsoft’s website.

Currently running Player 11 - doesn’t work in Real Player either…

Maybe you simply need to reinstall media player. I am not too familiar with the program. You can try playing with the performance settings in the Options menu.