Dell CD RW and Sonic Software mishap



This post is for a friend so I do not have info on the CD RW and DVD. If needed I will get the information. What happened is the person opened the Sonic software to make a music disk and she got some sort of error message. When she OK,d the error message the program closed, her desktop icon disappeared and the two CD Roms were unreadable. It seems that whatever happened to the Sonic software caused her cd roms to become unreadable.

I will be checking the computer out this Saturday and just wanted any ideas on what to look for, or if this has happened before how to cure the problem, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.


You need to check the Dell model, the CDrw drive maker and the kind of discs you’re using, aws well as the O/S used (winP, 2000, 98, other non win?)
You have to check your configuration an if the drive has no problem - the path depends on the O/S version, but you’ve to achive a window that shows you all the devices and tells if they’re working well or not. If not you’ve to try to solve prob - install new drivers? In principle cdrw drives have driver’s native support from the O/S.
What kind of media are you using?
If you have XP you can try to record a CD-r using just XP facilities, not the other software.
If you use Sonic, you have to"tell" XP that you are not using it’s facilities to record CDs.
Other chances - uninstall Sonic and install any other burning software - you can find freeware or try Nero that you can use as trial for 30 days.


You probably have Sonic DLA installed on your dell. If so, I highly recommend that you uninstall it. If you have Nero installed, check to see if you installed Nero INCD. If so, uninstall the INCD portion. Then go to device manager (in control panel), and uninstall your primary and secondary IDE’s. Then reboot and let windows autodetect the devices.