Dell and the 3530A (and new 103C firmware)

Today, Dell posted a new firmware for the 3530A, which it lists as 103C, A01. Any idea what this really is?

Also, NEC’s website says nothing about this drive, yet I see that the people here have been able to find official NEC firmware (I think 3.01 or something like that). How is that possible?

Posting a link would’ve been helpful for the forum.
From Dell’s FTP server:

You can now download the original and Riplock / RPC1 patched 103c bin firmwares. Currently untested, but they should work. :rolleyes:

Thanks Liggy for this firmware!

has anyone tired this new hacked firmware. wanna make sure it’s good to go. i use the 1.V1. would it be good interest to update to the new 103C Hacked Firmware. is there a difference. alsho how is the media compatiblity.

No bitsetting so wont pass it on to friend.

what is this 3530 drive… cant find specs :confused:

Info about ND3530 incl. specs. Hardware seems to be identical to 3540.

Is the bitsetting patch included too? or is it even possible with DELL fw 103c?

Thanks for the patching anyway…

A click on the (info) link would have answered your first question. I think it is possible, but I didn’t check that since I prefer firmwares that already have some bitsetting code.

Oops, I must have been blind, I looked at the page but didn’t look properly …
/me stupid

I had this drive and it was outstanding with Liggys FW with rip lock removed. Beat the 716 in reading!

After flashing to 103C, I lost the burn funtion of DVD-R DL in DVDinfo
Does it only happen to me or other have the same problem

Dell 3530x2
1620x 2

Tried a burn with the NEC3530a using the dell 103c firmware, burning at 16x on a verbatim 16x +R dvd. Scanned on my PX716 and it showed avg PIF of .37, but had a big spike at around 1500 that went all the way to 60.
Updated firmware to dee’s 1.v1, and reburned same data. Still had big spike up 60 at same area of burn, but avg pif dropped to .31
I burn these all the time on my px716 at 16x and have no spikes. So I’m still not that impressed with this NEC. Especially not with this quality Verbatim media. I would rather have another PX716 any day.