Dell accepts Bitcoin

Dell starts accepting Bitcoin payments

Published on 21st July 2014 by Gareth Halfacre
Dell has become the largest ecommerce company in the world to accept Bitcoins through its official checkout process, in partnership with specialist Coinbase.

         [B]Dell has announced a partnership with Coinbase to accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency on its US website, taking its place as the largest ecommerce company to do so.[/B]

The ephemeral nature of the Bitcoin infrastructure, which is powered by a grid of client computers performing complex calculations as a proof-of-work that sees them rewarded with freshly-minted Bitcoins, has led to some confusion in the financial markets. Some countries have chosen to ban their use outright, while others have announced a free-for-all. Many are investigating licensing, while their explosive popularity has led to numerous companies teaming up with Bitcoin specialists to accept payment in the digital currency. Some companies have even announced Bitcoin-specialised hardware, such as the ASRock H61 and H81 Pro BTC motherboards and the BioStar ASIC-based hashing board. SOURCE