Dell 8xDVD\24xCD

Make: Dell
Model: c600
Proc: PIII 800
RAM: 512 MB (2x256)
HDD: 40 GB IBM Travel Star
DVD: Dell 8xDVD\24xCD p/n: 18THT-A00
OS: Win XP Pro SP2 / Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy)

I had a perfectly working install of Win XP Pro SP2 on this computer. The DVD player played DVDs, Audio CDs, and Data CDs. Everything was good, untill the DVD player stopped recognizing anything other than DVD’s.

This happened two days after I had installed WIN DVD. I uninstalled WINDVD, I still could not use data CDs or audio CDs. I went to the system restore I made before I installed WINDVD. That also did nothing to help.

I decided that it must be a hardware issue.

So I decided that this box would become a Linux experiment, since I still had a desktop for Windows. I installed Ubuntu 5.04 “Hoary Hedgehog” on the computer, plugged it and the DVD worked!!! It played audio, data, DVD.

I decided it was not a hardware issue.

I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 5.10 “The Breezy Badger”, with an data CD from the DVD drive and everything worked. After too much experimenting, I needed to reinstall Ubuntu. I decided to go for a dual boot system.

I started the Windows install from CD all went well until it got to the network configuration. At that point Windows asked that I insert the install CD. It would not recognize the CD. At that point, I remembered why I uninstalled Windows. I powered down the computer, put in a Dell 8xCD drive, powered up and continued the install.

I successfully installed Windows and Ubuntu on the computer. When in Ubuntu the drive works perfectly. When in windows the drive will ONLY recognize DVDs.

BIOS is up to date
All drivers are up to date.
Drive has been cleaned.

Can someone explain what is going on?

Driver issue! May need to call Dell or check their website! Drivers could be any drivers in your whole freaking system!LOL
Update at Dell your BIOS and BIOS settings! Dell has some strange defaults to say the least!

Visit the m$ support sites and search for “Delete Upper & Lower Filters”, execute that and then restart.

Hey Chef! What do those do?

Fixing most recognition troubles with drives/media, they sometimes come with tools like CloneCD/DVD and Alcohol aswell as with Packet-Writing Software and Virtual Drives.

All forums are full of these issues. :frowning:

OK! I don’t do those things! Thats why I have never heard of them!