Dell 8200 Rambus question



Hello all, Newbie here. Trying to upgrade my Dell 8200. It came with 2 128’s of rambus memory and I want to add 2 more. I have found it on Zipzoomfly and newegg for about 50.00 each. However I was told that I need to get it thru Dell to make sure it is compatable. Dell only has 256’s @ 130.00 each. So it would cost me 260.00 + and I just can’t swing that much right now. Does anyone know for sure if Samsung or Kingston will work in my machine?
It’s about 3 years old, p4 2.0 pc800 nonecc. Thanks for any advise, Jeff



Assuming that you have four ram slots - if you put the new sticks in as old - new - old - new and it is the exact same stuff - you should be ok IMO-



You DO NOT have to go through Dell to get your RDRAM. I purchased mine for my 8200 at Zipzoomfly a while back–works just fine.

I believe these were the ones I purchased. Just do a search for “Samsung Rambus” there.

Whichever 128MBs or 256MBs you get, just be sure to buy them in PAIRS.

It works. In fact, I’m using the 8200 to type out this response right now! :smiley: