Dell 4600 computer pentium 4 2.66 mhz - need help



I need help in installing a benq dvd burner on my dell 4600 computer pentium 4 2.66 mhz.
I have a cdrom on top 5.25 inches bay and I want to install a dvd burner on bottom of that 5.25 inches bay.
I can open my dell 4600 computer on one side but not on the other. I would like to install my benq burner on top spot and put cd rom on bottom of that.
but i cannot take out cd rom as it has 4 screws. i can only reach to one screw.
To reach to 2 other screws i would have to open the other side of dell computer but there are no instructions on how to do that.
also to reach to 3rd screw i would have to reach inside the side which is open but that 3rd screw is directly beneath the side panel.
and i can’t reach there.
does anyone know how to do that?
even if i place dvd burner directly beneath the cd rom i will have to put 4 screws in that but i can only install one screw as to install 2 screws i would have to open the other side of dell computer and I dont know how to do that.
also to install the 3rd screw i would have to reach inside with hand underneath the open side , there are no instructions on how to do that?
could anyone help me please?


A friend of mine has the same machine. His drives are on “rails”.
Remove compu front face plate.

See also here.


Only one screw holds each drive in. The others you see that look like they are not screwed in all the way are guide pins.


I have a Dell Dimension 4600 and installed a drive in the 2nd bay like you describe. You’re correct…you cannot take off the other side panel. It’s actually possible that you can, I just didn’t care to spend the time doinking around with it. Anyway…this is what I did to securely mount my drive…

[ul][li]First, looking at the front of the computer, take off the side left panel (using the spring loaded push-down switch in back).
[/li][li]Then take a flathead screwdriver and press against the two plastic snaps that hold the front cover on the computer. These snaps are located in the inside rim where the side panel seats into the front cover.
[/li][li]Once the front cover swings off, you should now have full access to the 5.25 drive bays.
[/li][li]Take the DVD burner drive…assuming you’re looking at the front of the drive, take a screw and secure it in the bottom right hole. Don’t screw it down all the way…leave it just a fraction of a millimeter away from screwing it down all the way.
[/li][li]Then, slide the drive in the bay and the screw should snugly fit into groove holding the drive in place. If the screw doesn’t clamp in snugly, either tighten it or loosen it just enough so there’s room for the piece of metal to slide between the screw head and the side of the drive.
[/li][li]Take another screw and tightly fasten down the left side of the drive through the exposed side.
[/li][li]Drive is now secured tightly and won’t budge.
[/li][li]Swing the front case panel back on and secure the side panel.
[/li][*]Done.[/ul]Hope this makes sense…