Dell 172FPB lcd monitor

Hi, my monitor goes out after 1 or 2 seconds if i turn it on again same thing happens but if you look close you can see a dim display .Thanks

How old is your vid card? Can you hook it up to another pc and see how it does?

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Could also be the lamp in the display is gone bad. This would be a warranty item if it’s still covered.

Thanks for the response but I thought it might be the inverter board , and too the raider hater im sorry you are a chiefs fan. lol

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could be the inverter since it lights up for a couple seconds before going out, inverters can be dangerous things though, so you should either take it to a pro or get a new monitor, probably shouldn’t go poking around yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing

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I think chargers will win the division and denver and oakland should battle for second , but the chiefs losing there qb will hurt , plus they lost alot of other key players.

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Ever since Super Bowl IV i keep saying maybe next year :sad: :bigsmile: Chiefs have sucked ever since :iagree: :frowning:

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How completely random and offtopic lol, I am trying to find out about a problem, stumble across this thread and end up hearing about American Football teams"_"