Delkin Archival Gold DVD-R and CD-R?



I am just curious if anybody has ever tried this Delkin stuff,

Looks great but does anybody have scans or any other information? I wouldn’t mind paying that much for my memories but is it really worth the price?


Absolutely not.

This has been discussed before, search the forum. Delkin is the same as Kodak is the same as MAM-A is the same as Mitsui (modern). It’s pretty well inferior. It’s not very good media at all.

One thread of many:

If you want scratch-proof high-quality media, get some Verbatim VideoGard discs. There are some others too, from TDK and Maxell, but I’d suggest the Verbatims.

Words like “archival” and “gold” are sucker words, marketing ploys, nothing more.


Verbatim VideoGard 8x -R discs are the way to go if you want a stable, durable disc.

Most other media claiming to be “archival” or “gold” is just going to be rubbish media.