Deliberate reading speed limitations for all DVDs with Video?

The manufacturer will say: No full speed with DVD-Video because of the noise, nobody want noisy drives while playing Video

The community say: DVD-drives-manufacturer want to annoy us and decrease the speed to prevent mass-copies (if you need long time you mabe don´t do that)

It´s your decision want you believe :slight_smile:

However, 12x speed is not quiet.

DVD-Video uses UDF-format, DVD-ROM use iso or also UDF

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The LG BE14NU40 is really quiet with ×12. ×16 is still not that loud, compared to an old GDR8162B.

Maybe, I should do multiple maximum speed requests using RimhillEx.

The firmware should just deliver data to the PC and not care about contents, and media player software should lnow how to limit speed.

If we wanted to be a bootleg copier, we could save it just once on the HDD, use multiple drives simultaneously and mass-produce using a ×20 speed-overclocked DVD writer.

I meant if prevent you a bit from reading xx-DVDs for copy in a short time

I see.
Then, I could just use an older drive.

On my current LG GH24NSC0 (SVC Code: NSD0) drives, it goes to 12x for dual-layer dvd-video discs. For single-layer dvd-video discs, it goes to 16x. This happens with or without CSS.

From LG’s description of “Jamless Play”, I suspect it is basically what I’ve been calling “fatal reading behavior”.

The times when this “jamless play” is triggered on severely problematic discs, it is frequently when the speed is still at 12x or 16x. Whenever I reduced the speed to 10x or 8x (or lower) on these same severely problematic discs, the “jamless play” isn’t triggered as often. (Sometimes not at all).

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Ironically enough the external enclosure I use for my optical drive has a constantly running fan so loud it makes my 2U PSU seem quiet :laughing: At that point I couldn’t care less about noise, especially given I only use them for ripping purposes. Granted for those with regular tower slots noise I suppose is a consideration during operation.

Update: S182 reaches ×16 on pressed DVD-Video (technically DVD-ROM) without CSS

I guess I never watched a whole movie directly from the DVD on my PCs or Notebooks :rofl:

I also prefered to rip it complete to HDD/SSD and enjoy watching without the noises of an ODD

In the begin of my personal DVD-years I had also bad experience if I used PowerDVD with DVD directly, The movies jiggled very often, I guess PowerDVD had an ugly cache-management, WinDVD could play it seamless

…are close to silent. Or am I deaf?
For older drives, the laser lens focus sound (mostly louder than the drive engine at ×4 CAV for laptop drives and ×8 CAV for desktop drives) gives a movie ambience.

It depends on the drive. At 16x-speed all my older, except my Liteon 1653S, were quieter at 16x speed than actual drives.

But the management was better with newer drives, I´m not sure if it depend on the drive itself, the player-software or both together. Most drives use low rpm, with SL-DVD-R(OM) it would be more quiet because at the end of DVD lower rpm required

On a PC which stays on the floor it was more tolerable than if you sit 40cm away from a Notebook

Then, the media player software should just ask for lower speeds explicitly, but the problem is the speed limitation.
And as already mentioned, HL-DT-ST turned into a firmware paranoid.

That´s true, and I think some software get this function later.

The first DVD-drives also weren´t that fast, so the old software don´t need to brake the drives.

Anyone remember CD-Bremse or Nero Drive Speed? These software was made to speed down PC-drives for a quiet operation while playing Audio-CDs or Video-DVDs.

But it worked not with all drives.

I remember my good old 48x Cyberdrive CD-ROM. Fast with all types of CD, but listen to Audio wasn´t so nice because it stayed on very high rpm and the LED shows it only reads a second and idled some seconds

There is also something comfortable called _RimhillEx.

Some drives use unpredictable and non-standard firmware commands.

Older drives such as GDR8162B would always hit full speed, even on AudioCD, except when using RimhillEx or something similar.

The Write master S182 also limits VCDs (SVCD and CVD untested) to ×16CAV.

VCD and SVCD were in the past also a hard task for drives

Thought this theme is gone long time ago

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The S182 also limits VCD to ×16 CAV for error scannings.

My HL-DT-ST GDR-H20N reads VCDs and AudioCDs at full 52× speed.
A 2003’s GDR8162B with adjusted potentiometer (detects CD-RW as normal CD) also runs full ×48 on audio CD-RWs.

Is VCD extraction harder than AudioCD DAE? How is that possible?

VCD/SVCD also worked with reduced error-correction if burned to CD, so you have no problem to burn 800MB-VCD on a 700MB-CD-R. Maybe it´s a security-mechanism of some drives to read it slower? Or made to prevent drive-noises?

MPG have it´s own safeguards against corruption, IMHO no drive would analyse it (correct me if I´m wrong)

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LG BE14NU40 reads at full VCD-R x48, despite it limits all DVDs with VIDEO_TS folder to x12 instead of x16, with and without CSS. So that noise argument would not count.

How can the original MPEG video file with no gaps be reproduced if sectors on the disc are missing?