Deleting Subtitles from PhotoDVD?

Ive saved a slideshow with subtitles in Photo DVD but when Ive gone back in to make a new Version for a different friend and tried to change the subtitles it cant get them to remain on! When I burn the new copy I still have the previous versin of subtitle. How do you delete them on a saved file? Ive tried everything possible but still end up with the original titles???:a


I will test this out tomorrow, it may be possible you found a bug, but I will report my findings tomorrow

a bug … not really… but we didn’t anticipate to have to delete them…

you can delete them manually from the .vpd file ( the project file ) … using notepad but it is not very convenient for sure.

You see I believe you ned to easily be able to go back into the saved files and change subtitles etc if you need to. What might be ok for one group of friends maynot be for others! Whats your thoughts?


this is not a bug in the software. I went back and did everything you explained and my “new” subtitles over the old ones remained and were visible on my DVD after it finished burning.

As for your comment “what might be ok for one group of friends . . . .” I totally agree------the cool thing is this is already part of PhotoDVD.

You can have up to 3 different types of subtitles (for example one in english, one in french, one in spanish—or description, date, funny comments)

The best way to learn more about this is to take a quick peak at the manual (full of screenshots)

otherwise, the basics are to select subtitle track 1 (to click on, found on left side of text box where you enter subtitle comments) start at beginning of all you pictures and go through all of them writing those “genre/types” de comments (for example subtitle 1 funny comments)

then go back to beginning of picture select subtitle 2 and go through all those picture writing for example your ‘descriptive’ comments

and so forth

you do not need to put a comment on every picture nor do you need to you add all three tracks of subtitles

Hope this helps