Deleting photos - Sony DSC-T7S camera

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Sony DSC-T7. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]how can I delete all photos at once ? (over 450)

I don’t know the options for that specific camera but in general you usually have the following choices.

[B]1.[/B] Remove the memory card and use one of those USB adaptors to connect it to a PC, then delete them using the PC.

[B]2.[/B] Connect the camera to the PC via a USB cable and delete via the PC.

[B]3.[/B] Use the ‘delete all’ option in the camera (if it has one).

[B]4.[/B] Reformat the memory card in the camera.

Option 1 is usually the quickest.


READ the manual!

[QUOTE=chef;2304675]READ the manual![/QUOTE]

That is, rampratjim, if you still have it? Can you say if there is something in the manual about it, or isn’t it there?

Or don’t you like to read manuals (just like me :p) :flower:

[QUOTE=chef;2304675]READ the manual![/QUOTE]

LOL!!! :slight_smile:

According to the manual you can’t delete photos in bulk without using a PC.

There are very few things you can’t find manuals for online these days. :slight_smile:


Should be an option in the set-up of the menu to reformat the card…that will do it

Has Sony really skipped implementing the ability to delete all the pictures in a given folder for this model? That won’t do every folder, but it’s easier than deleting every picture one by, and is an option if you’ve decided to use the MS Duo as a thumb drive with non-picture files & don’t want to erase those using the “format” option in the menu.

EDIT: yes, it IS possible to delete pictures while reviewing photos in Index mode. See “To delete images in index mode” [last page, lower right] of the “Read This First” Guide, found on this model’s documents page:

Sony’s eSupport site is surprisingly thorough. :wink:

Well spotted.

I wonder why it says in the main manual that you can’t do this then. :confused:

That’s very misleading.