Deleting Multi Titles in Main Movie

Running latest version of Recode 2.x. I’m backing up the main movie with AC 3/6 sound only. The main movie has 3 titles (various versions of the original movie). I want to keep title 3. But there is no way to delete title 1 and title 2. Was thinking about cutting out all the chapters in titles 1 and 2.

With the old Shrink, I can manually select title 3, only. Is this possible with Recode 2.x?


I’ve been noticing recode grouping titles, too, on quite a few disks recently; I don’t know if it is a change in the way Nero works or if I just haven’t encountered disks like this before. I notice this in “recode entire disk” and “recode main movie”. In my cases I’m pretty sure it has to do with branching or multi-angle presentations - such as on Alien 2003 Director’s cut (like Abyss or T2, it has two versions of the film) or as on Bridge on the River Kwai and In the Bedroom (which have titles and credits in a couple different languages).

It seems to sometimes treat both threads as different sets of data even when most data is shared; the original title file sizes reported often add up to more than a dvd can fit. Yet I can usually make sense of it all by using the “remake a dvd” mode which splits the titles up so I can see what they are, and so far I’ve made the right guesses in choosing a recode method to get the results I hoped for.

Again, I never noticed this before (the last NVE release) so I don’t know if something changed or it’s just my luck of the draw.

Hope that ramble helps.

What I meant was, try “remake a dvd” mode just to get title 3.

Highlight the title you want removed and press the delete key.

Thanks…will try later today. Too bad it doesn’t support right click to delete. There should be an on-screen delete button cause I rarely use the keyboard’s delete function.

Haha. Sometimes it says

Title 1,2,5-18

or something like that in the mentioned modes, as a single line item.

If each version is in separate VOB, try blanking:

  1. Rip DVD-Video in File mode (I use freeware DVD Decrypter)
  2. Blank the other 2 VOBs with freeware TitleSetBlanker (
    (if the VOBs are not separate, ,you may need to use more advance program like VOBBlanker)
  3. Continue with freeware DVD Shrink (or recode)

Hey, I get it now :iagree:. It takes time, I’m getting older

I’m not sure about this one - I haven’t tried to pull titles apart before.

The DELETE button works. Much thanks. Now I’m having problem joining two chapters from two different DVDs when using REMAKE A DVD mode. When I click on Import Titles and go to VIDEO_TS, the content does not get imported to the compilation screen (the add title button is grayed-out).

Shrink works fine.

Hey - Guess I didn’t know what he was talking about after all; if he’s talking about using the delete button… Doh!!

Furballi, when you go to the video_ts folder, does it show you a list of available titles? If yes, then double-click the ones you want to add it to your compilation. Or click and drag. That stuff I thought was intutitive if you can use windows… Sorry. I though you were encountering what I mentioned above. Might just be me. And what “add title” button are you talking about being grayed out? I see a “merge title” button…

Hey, curious - does this do anything the nero “disable title” button doesn’t do? I read the docs - it seems to me the same thing. Am I wrong?

I only encounter this problem when I use the REMAKE A DVD option found with the latest release of Recode 2.x. I click on IMPORT TITLES at the compilation screen. Then I navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder but nothing is seen in this folder. I have no problem adding items to the compilation in DATA mode.

Note that I can select the VIDEO_TS and its contents when copying a DVD or compressing a DVD. There is a problem with REMAKE A DVD mode in this latest version Recode 2.x.

Then I navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder but nothing is seen in this folder.
How do you do this? I just tried it and I can navigate to the DVD drive. Once there, I can only select titles. I never actually see the VIDEO_TS folder.

Installation/Operator error. My bad.

I don’t know. I use the free program that is good enough for me :slight_smile:

You’ll see the video_ts if you first rip the dvd to your hard drive, with something like DVD Decrypter. It’s not important though, what you see is what you need.

Open the DVD with windows explorer, you’ll see the Video_ts and usually Audio_ts folders, which have the .vob,.ifo,.bup files; and there may be addiditional folders for auto-run software.