Deleting item in OPEN WITH menu in Windows XP

Have an item in the “open with” menu that is not needed. Anyone know how I can delete an item?:eek:

That doesn’t give much to go on can you give a screen shot of what your saying. That command is something windows use. Since you didn’t tell what windows and what your trying to do doesn’t help much. If that item isn’t needed you should be able to just delete it.

I think he has an unwanted program listed in the “open with” menu when right clicking it…

Sorry, thought my “heading” indicated the OS “Deleting item in OPEN WITH menu in Windows XP” however thank you for replying. This is a confusing problem involving .eml stationery and OE but feel that is resolved now. My inquisitive question was can a person delete any program in the OPEN WITH window? Have tried delete and right click but does work so there must be a place in the registry where all of this is stored and don’t feel I want to venture there.:disagree: Thank you anyway for taking the time to answer my problem.