Deleting Individual Files from CD rw

I’ve just purchased a new machine from a local shop here in town. Included is a DVD/CD writer ARTEC VOM-12E48X . A OEM type writer which a OEM version of NERO. The problem is in writing files to a CD-RW the file attributes change to READ ONLY thus preventing me from dleting the individual file from the CD.

I will not go through the entire history of the steps taken to correct this problem. I will say that we have tried XP PRO and home eddtions. Have up graded the NERO software to the latest versions , and I am not running SP2 on the XP PRO version I am running now, just SP1.

At one time we did get this thing to work after updating the Sound Blaster Audigy software I am running. About 1 hour later the brand new HD crashed and it was back to square one. At that point I was running XP PRO and had Media player in the system. The Tech guy syas the hard drive going was just a seperate thing, i.e. the drive was defective.

The system was reloaded as before with updated versions of Sound Blaster and NERO thinking all would be ok. This time a DVD would not play. After removing MS media player that was working. IN fact other than then this automatic changing fo files to READ ONLY everything works fine.

Is there some setting we are overlooking?

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How are you creating the CD? If , for example, you create a audio CD within Nero & put a CD-RW into your writer you will not be able to do what you want to.

The only way to be able to delete individual files from a CD-RW is if it was created using INCD. This will format the CD-RW to allow you to drag & drop files to it within Explorer. Likewise you will also be able to delete them via Explorer.

Hope that helps.

Thank you ever so much for the fast response.

The Disc I am using are fresh from the stack, i.e preformated. I create a test file on the hard drive either a graphic (BMP) or text in WORD. From Explorer I then drag and drop to the CD-RW. The file writes to the disc just fine.

What I am reading is that a preformated disc from the store MUST be reformated using INCD inorder for individual files to be deleted. In my experiments with two brands of disc Philips and Memorex INCD4 does a terriable job of formating, i.e. takes forever, gets right to the end then a failed message pops up. As a result of being unable to format a disc with INCD, thus I cannot drag and drop a file to see if it gets changed to Read Only.

Next question, What if NERO was removed from the sytem and replaced with windows Media player. Would Drag and Drop work AS WELL as the ability to delete indivdual files from a CD-RW?

I am begining to wonder if this DVD/CD drive is a piece of scrap metal? OF course I have heard taht OEM versions of NERO and Easy CD maker are trash too.

I must admit that I never use INCD but use Roxio’s DragtoDisc (part of Easy Media Creator) which I find much safer. I managed to ruin several CD-RWs with INCD before I gave up with it.
I don’t think Media Player will provide you with want you want, documentation I have (some e-books) states that you cannot delete individual files but must erase the whole CD-RW.
This is a useful link to explain things:-
What you are after is packet writing software & the only ones I know are Nero’s INCD & Roxio’s DirectCD/DragToDisc. I’m sure there must be some freeware ones out there though. A google search for “packet writing software” throws up loads of references which might be useful.

Thank you for this Link Tim. I will do some reading up on this and figure out what to do at this point. I don’t deal with this full time so I need to get myself up to speed on the details. I KNOW you can delete individual files from a CD-RW because I was doing it. Frustration was high since I could not figure out WHY I couldn’t do it with this new machine.

A quick glance at this link and I THINK I may have spotted the problem. After the hard disk crash I had took the machine back to the Tech guy and he did a quick repair job. What He did was install XP HOME on the machine, did not do a check to see if it worked or not and left me to do program reinstalls.

I was trying to get the thing to work again and reinstalled PRO, BUT I think I need to get SP1 on there for this to work like I want it too. Thank you very much for the guidance.

I have been using InCD for years and had never had a problen with it. I use quick format and save all sort of data: Mp3, pictures, docs, software, etc. I wold not use anything else. Its like using a huge floppy.