Deleting guest account in Win XP Pro Sp3

hi, how do you delete a guest account in Win XP Pro SP3? I accidently created one without using a name for my nephew use on my computer.

Control Panel -> Users should do the job.
Or incase you prefer the command line: net user <username> /delete
Of course you need to be signed up as user with administrative permissions.


thanks for the quick response, I didn’t assigned a name to the account, “guest” account was created by Windows. I know there is a delete function when you assigned a name to the account. In this instance, no name was created, thus Windows created a guest account . this guest account does not have a delete option.

The “Guest” account is existing from the time Windows is installed. So you have not created that account, but perhaps you enabled it.
This account can be disabled in Control panel.

Edit: Just checked on my own XP system:
In control panel/user accounts, the “guest” account shows up, but is marked as “disabled”. I can start with creating a new user account with the name “guest”, but finally I get a warning “an account with this name exists” and the new account is not created.


First, open the Computer Management console (right-click on My Computer in Windows Explorer, choose Manage), then navigate to Local Users & Groups, open sub-entry Users, and there you have all users for your pc. Choose properties for Guest, then disable it. Go to Computer/Properties/Advanced/ User Profiles/ Settings and delete the Guest profile. Restart pc, go to C:\Documents and Settings\ (if C:\ is your system partition) and delete the Guest folders, if they’re still there.