Deleting files with invalid names

On my desktop, I have two files: they are called CAK1QRI7. and CAK1QRI7…

I think they were created when I had my fresh Windows copy installed with no antivirus and firewall software and some spyware prog created them. The problem is, I am unable to delete them: they are recognized as 0-byte files and when I try to erase them Windows tells me that they doesn’t exist. By reading some articles, I know they have invalid filenames and so they aren’t recognized as valid files. To delete them I may either use another operating system which allows such filenames (but I have only Windoze) or using a sector editor to find the ‘bad’ sectors and fill them with zero’s. Where can I find one ? Do you know any other ways to stop them from polluting my desktop ? :bigsmile:

Have you tried command (start - execute [translated from german windows to english] - cmd)

chkdsk /f

I think that you should try to log on in safe mode and try to delete them from there. This is the easiest way to see if they are not connected to a open process, this will not let you delete them. When using safe mode, only the most standard proccess and drivers are used.
If you can delete them in safe mode and they are there again after you reboot, then the problem is not what you think it is but let work on that when we get that far.

Give it a try and let us know if it works.

If safe mode fails, boot off the XP cd and intot he recovery console, delete using good old DOS like commands. They are exactky the same.