Deleting files on hard drive privacy question

Hi I have used software like Eraser and Supershredder and I have a newbie question. If I am copying files from external drive 1 to external drive 2 will this leave any files or info on the harddrive of the host desktop computer that I would need to delte for privacy reasons?

Yes, I think you will find so! Best to be safe copy to other drive and then shred original.

I am talking about 3 drives in total. having two external drives hooked up to my desktop, transferring files from one external drive to the other. Will it leave anything on my desktop drive?

Knowing Windows tends to do things in senseless, nay, STUPID ways, I think you should assume yes for safety’s sake.

Almost every Operating System has the same default delete routine:
Remove the vector/link/first bit of the file so that the OS knows it can be overwritten.

So by default 99,99% of the data is still intact if you have the right tools to re-read them.

Sorry guy’s ! I don’t think he has anything to delete since all he is doing is transferring from external 1 to external drive 2, and not to master HDD!!!
IMHO !!!

IN my opinion no if you use Maxtor “MaxBlast” program it copy from drive 1 to drive 2 directly.

You may have remnants in your swap file or other temp files Windows uses. Especially with USB drives (the data will pass thru the CPU and Windows). IIRC Firewire transfers can go device to device directly, so probably wouldn’t leave remnants.