Deleting files from RW's doesn't give free space


Whenever I use nero to delete some files from a dvd-rw, the files get deleted, but the total used size is not reduced, and so when I try to add new files to replace the deleted ones, nero says there is not enough space!

Can someone please help me fix this problem? I’m using Nero StartSmart > Make Data DVD (which opens Nero Express).

Are you using the erase function, or just deleting the file from the compilation?

Not the erase function, I’m using the delete button. I don’t want to erase everything, only some of the files to make room for new ones…

I don’t think you are actually erasing the files. If you can look at it in a normal explorer window, the files will probably still be there. It appears when you do what you are doing, it is more like a multisession disc. If you want to use it like a hard drive, you need packet writing software like you get with InCD. Some folks feel that utility causes problems with other types of burning and some don’t, so the choice is yours, of course.