Deleting files from multisession DVD?

Hi !

I have encountered a new problem with Nero. The version is (the latest one). Here is the problem :

  • When I update a multisession DVD+RW with standard options… No problem

  • When I update the same DVD+RW with “delete files” options, Nero works a while, and then displays “Internal error”.

  • When I update this DVD+RW with standard options, check the option and “refresh compilation”, it seems to work, but nothing is displayed anymore… as if the DVD+RW were empty… The compilation information screen says “0 bytes” :frowning:

  • When I update the saved NRI compilation file (for this particular DVD) with “delete” option checked, the update process works, but the windows keeps on being empty…

Has anyone encountered this kind of problems ?
Do you know a workaround ?