Deleting desktop icon

I had started to download a program and walked away from my computer for a minute to discover that the program was not what I wanted. I stopped the download but a icon was left on the desktop which I can’t delete, I can’t drag it to the recycle bin, can’t rename it, I can’t delete it in safe mode, and I can’t delete it from search files. When I try to delete is I get this message “Cannot delete -name of file-: It is being used by another person or program.”. What am I missing?

Select log off, and log back in then try deleting the file.

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I’m new to XP as I still prefer W2k so I had to think about that one, but if I understand you wanted me to go to start> log off and then log back in again. There is a problem with this, when I log off the computer shuts down.

Turning off the computer and then delteing it should free up the hold on the icon/program.

I must have missed something here, how can I delete anything if the computer is off?

turn it off, then back on. then try and delete

Logging off should not turn your computer off, what it does is close the active running users profile. This action will kill the active runnings processes in which one has a lock on your icon that you can not delete. Shutting down and restarting the computer will achieve the same thing.

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Press on KB, Ctrl,Alt,Del, to bring up task manager>processes,check file in question>end process…try to delete icon…

This computer has been on and off again numerous times over the last several days. These icons are the remnants of a download that I stopped, and the icons that show are of monitors with the name of the download below that. I have gone into search and not been able to find any reference to the download.

how about reloading the program then uninstall it?
or system restore to a date prior to the icon?

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jflan, thank you very much, that did the trick!