Deleting data from an iso?



Hi there

Is there any programs out there that will let you access/delete data from an .iso without the need to unpack the file in the first place?

Ive tried many programs with no luck so far!!

Even if the extension can be changed to something else to access/delete it would be very helpful.

Ive also tried mounting it with Deamon, i can access but not delete.

Hope this can be done!
Thanx in advance


WinRAR is able to open ISO files; with it you can delete a file from ISO archive.


UltraISO is proabbly a better bet, WinRAR isnt a proper ISO editor even though it can work with ISO files.

Ben :slight_smile:


Cheers guys. i was using ultra iso before but not using the save as feture.
Will let you know if it works. (was hoping i could do it on the fly, as the rebuild is what has been causing the problem)


For simple ease of use try WinISO UltraISO is capable of more, but WinISO is easier to use.


No joy :frowning:

I have mannaged to modify the internals of the iso without unpacking it using vcdromx.
Trouble i got now is.
Ive removed about 250 mb from within the iso, but the iso size is still exactley the same!
Is theere any iso compression tools out there that will compress the modified iso without unpacking it ?
I cannot unpack it as it looses the data structure and becomes usless!
or is there a program that wull run on windows to convert .z (or .bz) extension to either iso or bin,cue ?
Reason i ask is because i can compress the iso using PocketISOS, but it ends up as .z or .bz