Deleting AVI problem

I made an AVI using CloneDVD Mobile of Hollywoodland now I am trying to delete it from my computer and it keep saying Cannot Delete, it’s being used by another program, the thing is, it’s not being used by anything or any program at all, and I rebooted the computer several times and it’s still won’t delete and will keep saying the same thing, Cannot Delete, it’s being used by another program or anything and it’s being used by nothing, so I need help deleting it please

Open task manager and see what CloneDVD processes are running. Stop any and all of them and see if that helps. Also, any other media player or related programs like iTunes, etc. Some program probably has it listed in a playlist or something, and is running in the background.

Windows Explorer will execute a dll initially when you stop on an avi or media file & get the files details. If you try to delete or move whilt this is happening you’ll get this error. Normally waiting a few seconds & then deleting should work.

You can always remove this functionality if you wish. To do so it’s a case of running a cmd windows and typing in the following:-

regsvr32/u c:\windows\system32\shmedia.dll

you got me confused, and I opened the Task Manager and I don’t see any processing from CloneDVD Mobile or anything else

Look at task manager, then processes. There should be quite a few processes running. Find any related to CloneDVD, and stop them.

none of them is related from what I can see though

Click on it once with your left mouse button.
Wait 10 seconds.
Press the delete key on the keyboard.

didn’t work either

Safe Mode + delete?

Or …

Start->Run “Command” -> Cd … to the directory the file is located
Ctrl+Alt+Del -> End process (not End process tree) on “explorer” & any other unnecessary programs.
Del file.avi

Then either “explorer.exe” in the command line (if you didn’t kill too many drivers/apps) … or Ctrl+Alt+Del & reboot.

Try Unlocker from

Unlocker did the trick, thank You Tim

I had a similar problem and was able to delete it in safe mode :slight_smile: