Deleting a partition on hard drive installed by the manufacturer?

Is it wise to delete a manufacturer installed hard drive partition? I am continually getting messages that my disk space is low. I have a C and D designation. D is basically empty. The use of this computer is strictly personal. I do have an external hard drive which I got because I never realized that there was a partition (I am a novice!). Should I buy software to accomplish this task; and if so, which one is recommended!

You would need software to resize the partition if you plan on making it all the C Drive.

Can you just save to the D Drive ? Or does everything have to be on the C Drive?

The D Drive may also have the Restore image on it to get your computer back to original specs.

If you have Vista it probably can delete the D: partion or at least reduce it’s size.
Then you can add that to the C: partition.
From your other post it seems you have about a1 GB of data on the D: drive.
Do you know what that is or need it ?
If you do you probably want to move it to your external.
As bean55 posted there could ba a restore partition on D: but given that it only had 1 GB on it probably not.My restore partition was 8GB when I had one.
I erased it when I got Acronis True Image.I used ATI to do that.
So what OS are you using?

Any OS can delete the partition its resizing the C Drive where you need a 3rd party software. I use Gparted 3.4.11 for my resizing

You can read about it here :

True 1 GB of data probably is not the restore program, but then you should find out what it is before getting rid of it.

Need more info on what you want and what system you have to help more than this general stuff.

With Vista in Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Computer Management\ Disk Management the C: or any other partition can Expand or shrink the volume if the space is available.
On my computer the restore partition was hidden & I had to change a setting in the BIOS to unhide it.

What OS?

For XP, you can use “Tweak UI” to change your “My Documents” and desktop to the other drive.
Then you can just move your stuff across to the other partition.

This works out well, because if you ever upgrade your OS, all your documents are safely sitting on the other partition.

You can also achieve the same by hacking the registry … but … yuck.

In Vista & Windows7, it’s pretty easy to relocate your “my documents folder”. Right clicking on it will let you change the location.

Have you tried a disk cleanup?