Deleted vob files still taking space on drive!

I’ve deleted a movie from my drive. Simply right clicking on the file select delete, and confirmed to delete files that are too large for the recycle bin. Now the vob files are still taking up space on the drive. I have searched for .vob, .ifo, .iso, the whole nine yards. It’s like they have gotten out of the file system somehow. I don’t have a norton protected recycle bin. HELP! :a

WAs there also an image of this content on the drive?

Maybe you could delete it too?

Nope no image. Just the vob files that I can see as it defrags but I can’t find. It says "moving c:000000vts (then number of vts file) then .vob extension I can search and can’t find anything with a .vob extension to delete. Make sense?

Hm, no idea.

Try restarting your machine in Safe Mode and then do a search for the files. If this doesn’t work download the program CCleaner and run the cleaning procedures therein. Also run the built-in registry checker.
Get it here:

CC Cleaner wouldn’t find it. Used norton system works to restore deleted items. Restored all deleted vob files to original location. Then went back in and deleted files again from original location and “poof” They’re gone. Thanks for the help! Your suggestion of CC Cleaner got me thinking on the right track!