Delete fab 4 and 5

Iam now using the fab 6 versions…[registered].

Can I remove my older versions 4 and 5 or should I keep them on my hard drive?

You can do whatever you want but they take up very little space. I have kept mine.

I still have them both also. Can’t hurt a thing.

Same here. Since they’re seperate folders, whats the harm. ~ Mike

ok… thanks…

version 6-ish and registration key installed with no problemo…
double clicked on the email file fab sent and it entered automatically.
love when a plan goes well…

Same here. I keep 'em too. :slight_smile:

I myself never use the older versions any more so can see keeping them on the system :disagree:

I opt to leave 'em on since storage is of no concern and they cause no issues.
Once in a while, I’ll still use my very favorite version (and still the most stable version ever released JMO)…

Keeping for awhile until 6 is final, just got rid of 4 a couple weeks ago though

I came up with a clever idea…[I think]
Since I have version 6 set by default at full disk,
there are times I want to clone a backup but have to wait for Fab to analyse the whole disk since it is set to rip it, then click over to clone.
[to bypass the longer than needed read, I had to open fab without a disk installed, change to clone, close, then open again with the selected disk]

I decided to set fab 5 to clone as default…
both 5 & 6 shortcuts are on my desktop so I just click on one or the other depending if I am ripping or cloning.
the clone read gets started much faster since fab is not looking to rip a whole disk with pathplayer enabled etc…