Delete cd-check my self

I would like to delete cd-checks my self, especially Safedisc protection 2.6 or higher. I have no knowledge of hacking files, programming etc.
Where can I find some simple tutorials (in English or Dutch plz)??
Are there some standard strings to delete from the protected file??
I have ProtectionID to detect the protection of a file.
I also have Hex Workshop v.4.2, what can I do with this program??

As SafeDisc 2.6+ (and most other new protections) files are encrypted, Hex wont get you very far, the best you can hope for with Hex is to remove CD-Checks of non-encrypted exe files, where “CD-Checks” are the only protection.

I dont think there are any guides as such, as it is more something you would learn over time from people you know.

Anyway, hacking copy-protected exe files is illegal, and so how to do it should not be discussed here.

Ben :slight_smile:

Illegal request.

Thread terminated.

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