Delete all images from memory card?



Hello, I have a Fuji FinePix S1500 camera and use Windows on my PC. I have downloaded all the images I want into Photoshop Elements 7. Now I would like to delete all images from my memory card. This may be a stupid question but how? Thanks:confused:


The software that came with the camera lets you browse the card when your camera is connected. You should be able to select all and delete all.

Your camera should have a delete all function in the menu.

Windows explorer should be able to browse your memory card when it is connected to your PC or when your memory card is inserted in a card reader. It functions like any other external drive then, where you can select files and delete them.


Thanks Taxman. I just couldn’t find it in menus. Deleting with Internet Explorer worked. Thanks for your time!:clap::clap::doh:


I prefer the “format” menu of the camera. :wink:



Thanks, I did it with Internet Explorer.