Me, and some friens of me (who bought DVD2one) are wondering: Why all this delay on upgrades?
I’m not complaining, i’m just afraid that you got into “business” (Like german version under different name etc), and forgot to work for an upgrade. :eek:
Please ensure us that you’ll continue work for your program (and us).


First upgrade took a month…
The main feature in the upgrade was the userdefined output size.
I wonder how much time does this take to be made…
I am not strange to programming and i think that this change
would require… lets say ten minutes the most…
You may have hardcoded output size but to make it a parameter would be that difficult…

This is why you see people saying you are not making upgrades…
If for smthg so “easy” you took one month then one should expect more than 6 months to see 1-1 copy feature (including of course seamless branching angles and such niceties…)

We will see…
But at least say what and when will the next update show up…


We should all remain patient and let them get things just right.

I’ve not really found anything wrong with the current state of the software myself.


Well this is your opinion… but what i think most of us want is 1-1 copy…
I dont know about you… but i am really annoyed seeing dvd95copy and instantcopy do1-1 copying…

If they tell me that 1-1 copy will be avaliable in 5 months…
I should know… so i will go on and buy smthg else that does the job…
Also futere buyers should know…
Quality is important (i mean bug free) but how about what is going on…
They say we cannot tell you be patient… This could mean
1-1 can be here from 1 day to 1 year… or more…
If we knew what is going on we could decide what to do…
Thats all…


I bought DVD2one because I’d just figured out how to use IFOedit to create my own movie only backups but occasionally I came upon the problem that that no matter what I stripped out using IFOedit the resultant files were still too big to fit on a DVD-R.

I had the option of using ‘other techniques’ to reduce the size but had neither the time nor the inclination to go down that route. (Who want’s to spend 2 days backing up a Barbie DVD? :))

When I ‘stumbled’ across DVD2one and checked out the website there it was stating ‘Process a movie to fit on 1 recordable in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes’ and ‘Makes movies-only copies. Why waste space and image quality on unnecessary intros, menus and language tracks?’. Great I thought, just what I need!!

Perhaps foolishly I didn’t even bother to evaluate DVD2one by means of the demo! I just bought it there and then and . . . . IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN CLAIMED IT WILL DO AS STATED ON THE WEBSITE.

Mind you, at the bottom of the DVD2one site there is a section detailing ‘Ideas for future V1.x versions’ one of which was/is 1:1 copy.

“That’s nice”, I thought, there aren’t many times when I would be willing to sacrifice valuable movie space on the DVD for all the other ‘Bonus’ features but I’m sure there will be some DVD’s where it would be useful to do so.

BUT, I bought the software because it does movie only copies, NOT because the website said that (some time) in the future it might be able to do 1:1 copies.

I have NO DOUBT that DVD2one will at some time be endowed with the power to do full 1:1 copies (and will probably do it very well ;)) but even if it never does nobody should have ANY course for complaint. After all, it was only an idea to implement 1:1 copy as a feature, not a promise :bigsmile:.

So, please just think about what you are asking for. InstantCopy and dvd95copy stated from their initial release that they would give you a 1:1 copy, DVD2one did not. You bought DVD2one because it does movie only copies, not because it might be able to do 1:1 copies at some time in the future. If you did buy it for 1:1 copying then the phrase ‘A fool and his money…’ springs to mind!

I’m sure that updates and upgrades will come, but for now, the software that I bought is performing the task for which I bought it. :slight_smile:



jmp1963 post:

I’m sure that updates and upgrades will come, but for now, the software that I bought is performing the task for which I bought it…
NO, NO ,and NO!!!

Maybe I was one of the first that bought DVD2ONE, and they promise 1:1 in a “near” future release.
If this is going to take one day or one year we should know…:frowning:



Milkman, please post a link to that promise you claim they made, because I do not see it anywhere on their website. I bought this for movie only copies as claimed and it has worked for me 100% of the time. This 1:1 bit is listed as an “idea” for future upgrades, not a promise. The only thing I can’t use it for is episodic discs and hopefully this will be fixed in a future release. Right now I use Instant Copy for those episodic discs and DVD2ONE for everything else.


You got me wrong here:
It’s not 1 to 1 copy or new stuff, there are episodic DVD’s that have more than 1 “main movie” for example and 1st of all there is a QUALITY improvement issue here (I’m talking about really large movies).
Dvd2one NEEDS to be updated, and the developers know it, i just wanna know if they still work about it as a main task and not as sellers (to some other companies) of a good (I believe it) product.
Even the fact that RENE is out “for a while” and he means 16 DAYS (till now) is a bit worrying isn’t it?


I agree to all who are asking about the update which are posted on the homepage with:

Since this is the very first public release of DVD2one, 
it only has basic functionality. 
As a customer, you are entitled to free updates to 
future V1.x versions of DVD2one. Ideas for future V1.x versions: 

I mean for the most and me was the understanding, that this version will come out soon, and not in lets say a year or similar.

It seems more, that he brought out this not completed work before Instant, and now he has us as customers and now we have to wait, because to buy Instant cost us money again. :frowning:

It doesn´t look very nice, but to discuss it without a statement from the designer doesnt make sens too.

So I hope informations are coming soon when it will come !!!

Sorry, for the long text, but i was so happy at the beginning, and now …


Things are simple…

At the time dvd2one was out Instantcopy was announced for a month later…
Me and i think other went for dvd2one expecting to catch InstantCopy functionality in the very near future…

If this not the case we should be informed…

They said in a mail i think you should expect an update
at about a months time…

First was about 20 days…
Now 30days have passed… and No sign of an update…

I think that we are loosing patience…


You can’t just buy a program, and then start complaining it doesn’t do every single thing every other program that has anything to do with DVD can do. You buy the program for what it can do at the time of purchase, not what you think it should do in the future.



Hello to all,

Again the whole question about a full backup with specials and bonus etc. comes up.
But I really don’t grasp it.
You will lose quality when a D9 movie with extra’s etc. is compressed to a single 4.7GB DVD±R.
And you will see that on your TV set.
Can anyone explain to me, just WHY you want this feature so badly ?
I’am a movie only fan, and I hope that in the next release (if this is possible) the compression quality will be improved.
I will only do bonus material etc. if there ever will be a dual layer writer with dual layer DVD±R media.
But then again…at that moment we don’t need DVD2One anymore, just a 1:1 backup program.
Best greetz,



Well don’t want to be rude,but who cares if you like movie copies?You have to respect that most of the people want full copies!!!
And excellent quality in a full backup can be a reality with a good low-bitrate compressor!Waiting for dvd2one updates…


Originally posted by flouda
Well don’t want to be rude,but who cares if you like movie copies?You have to respect that most of the people want full copies!!!
And excellent quality in a full backup can be a reality with a good low-bitrate compressor!Waiting for dvd2one updates…

sorry but do most people want full copies with menus and special features that are transcoded so low that the quality is naff
9.4g to 4.7g regardless what happens or how good the process is it just dont add up (square holes and round pins)
unless there is some way to compress the source you cant fit it on to half the size with out losing quality,lower bitrates if i want that so low i would just go back to encoding to money and burn to cd…
ye i would love to back up a dvd and burn it and have the same quality as the origonal but no matter what program you use you lose quality and that is a fact…


of course there will be quality loss!but not huge!!!
just try dvd95copy and instantcopy and you will see that it is possible!
all these software produce crap copies?don’t think so…
Also the upcoming clonedvd will support full copies…
will it produce crap copies?don’t think so…
Low bitrate in MPEG-2 video doesn’t mean low quality!Most DVDs are encoded in bitrates higher than “DVD quality” should need(e.g. superbit DVDs)!
And they won’t look like VCDs.I’m not talking about 1150 kbit/s DVDs!


ok point taken

so what do you call the quality of a 5gig film with 3g extras come on the quality of the extras is naff,that is with dvd95copy and ic7
nuff said…

you can argue as much as you like try watching a backed up dvd on a plasma screen and you will see the quality loss.


ok just let me run out and buy one of those cheap plasma tv’s… my god if i could, i wouldnt be backing up my dvd’s, i would be buying a 2nd one.

sometimes i really wonder about people.


I find it refreshing to put a movie in a player and not have to wait for the menu to load, wade through the “Upcoming Features,” see the studio splash screen, get warned by the FBI and Interpol not to do bad things (sorry… :cool: ) , etc, etc. I put it in, the movie starts. I like that.

Another thing, if it were that easy to encode a DVD9 into a DVD5 space, I think the major studios would have done that by now. Might have saved them a couple of bucks or so.


My two penneth …

Dvd2one does exactly as it says on the tin and it does it reliably and fast.

The quality is good, because it doesn’t waste valuable gigabytes on menus,FBI Warnings, Trailers, Directors Cuts, Out takes, The making of, Scene Selections etc. etc. etc.

In my opinion, most of this stuff is only added by the movie companies, in an attempt to justify using a dual layer 9.4 gb disk.
Just try looking closely at Ice Age (main movie approx 3.6 gb extras approx 3.6gb). In fact Dvd Decryptor confuses the extras as the main movie !!!

If folk want all the extras, fine … but what sort of quality compromise are people prepared to accept ?

Personally I prefer all available gigabytes to be devoted to the movie. If I really want the extras, it’s not that difficult to put them on a seperate disk, but rarely are the extras worth it.


Originally posted by Phil Thomas
…In my opinion, most of this stuff is only added by the movie companies, in an attempt to justify using a dual layer 9.4 gb disk…

And the hefty price too m8! lol :bigsmile:

I did xXx last week with DVD2one and the same scenario with the size of the film, funny how a 2hr ish film can vary so much in size really. Are they compressing certain films so they can cram the other cr@p on the DVD I ask?