Delay in Perfect Copy 2000 SR4

I just posted the article Delay in Perfect Copy 2000 SR4.

Submitted by: Electro Dude
Source: Perfect Copy Homepage

Porting Perfect Copy

I’m trew with Visual Basic. I’m now porting all code from Visual Basic to Delphi. So don’t expect that Perfect…

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when comes perfect explorer?
you said is was on the 23th of november.

What is perfect copy annyway??

i agree, delphi is MUCH nicer and compacter and easier to run with less libraries and looks better…

For power programs VC++ is a good option. Give it a try. Delphi is good too and compact.

Isn’t that a surprise
NO it isn’t look what happend with the release of sr3
Mayby next time be realistic on your release date or else shut the f*ck up