Delamination or oxidation in a new dual layer dvd

I recently purchased the Star Trek Season I box set (dual layer DVDs) and noticed that almost all of the discs had areas of discoloration on the data side. Instead of a solid gold color there are areas that are slighty lighter or darker that are visible when the disc is held under a light.

I returned the set and got another and noticed the same problem again. I have played one of the discs and it seems to be fine. If the discs are delaminating or oxidizing, I would think that they would be unplayable to begin with.

Has anyone else bought a new disc like this and if so does it still play ok?

I believe what you are seeing is referred to as ‘clouding’ or ‘staining’. This is quite common in CD/DVD replication and does not cause any problems that I have ever heard of.

It is only found in dual layer discs and is caused by the semi transparent metal reflector, the spacer and the upper metal reflector. Usually it is when the data is stamped it may only need to use a portion of the second layer. The areas where data is not stored are discoloured. (washed out) It is extremely rare to get a faulty delaminating genuine disc, because of the fact it is stamped not burnt into dye. And because Star Trek is so popular, they wouldnt want to piss off their fans. :bow: