Dekart Private Disk 2.03 features 256-bit AES encryption

I just posted the article Dekart Private Disk 2.03 features 256-bit AES encryption.

  Dekart used our    news submit  to tell  us about this newer version of Dekart Private Disk, a disk encryption  software using 256-bit AES encryption to protect user data. Private...
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Maybe someone will enlighten me, but hasn’t 128 bit encryption been breached and 256 is next ??..:X

yes 128bit has been cracked, but after 1~2 years? 256bit is going to be impossible.

Never say anything is impossible. Current “traditional” algorithms use bruteforcing that runs in exponential time. However, there are already algorithms that run in polynomial time (quite faster than exponential) that make use of quantum computing. In this case, doubling bit length will only (approx) double the amount of time need to crack.

Where was 128-bit encryption cracked? And which algorythm? They’re not all the same, you know.
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