DEJA.VU - Very strange problems (with screenshots)

I just bought ‘Deja Vu’ with Denzel Washington and I wanted to make a backup of it to take it on vacation. So, as usual I used DVD Shrink, but noticed that there are some errors, so I used DVDFab on the complete disk.

Then I opened DVD Shrink. For those who knows, to avoid big compression, usually re-authot and just drag the Main.Movie in the DVD. So I clicked on re-author and… the main movie file is gone. Instead under the Main.Movie rollout, there’s only a behind-the-scene sequence.

But when I select the FullDisk mode, I can see the 3.3 G movie file under the ‘Unreferrenced Material’ rollout. So, how on earth am I supposed to do to only copy the Main movie file into my future dvd ?

Please help

Screenshots :
Here’s the full disk mode, we can see the movie file

Swicthing to re-authot, the file is gone…

Are you using the free verison of DVDFab to rip the DVD and then opening up the ripped files into shrink? I ask because the full up verison will do what you want. If you don’t have the full verison, try the trail version. You will be impressed. DVDfab is updated often to address such issues. This might be an issue with content protection that DVDShrink can not handle, don’t know. I used DVDshrink for a long time, but now I only use DVDFab Platium. It was worth every penny.

DejaVu has an unusual strucrure (due to some of the special features) that confuses DVDShrink. Here is a shot of DVDFab set up to copy the theatrical release version of the movie (it is the shorter of the two long titles).

Thx guys for the replies. Im going to give a try of the Fab Platinum.

@signals : You said I have to choose the shorter one. Can you tell me what’s the other long one ? I would like the one that includes the deleted scene.
btw, what version of Fab are you using ? Im going to take a look of your sig’s tus :slight_smile:

thx again

Hi mayflower. Try the free trial of DVDFab for 30 days, I think you will like it as it gives lots of control to the user over the copying process and the user interface is I think very well done and easy to learn. The disc of Deja Vu is very rich in special features and includes deleted scenes, extended scenes and all the material for the “Surveillance Window” feature. I could never find an easy way to copy it with the extended scenes in their proper place so I just used Clone mode so I could have it either way. If I remember correctly, if you use the “longer” title in DVDFab you will get the movie with the “Surveillance Window” feature enabled (but with the wrong default audio track). A very confusing DVD structure to copy but great special features.