Deinterlacing DVD Files


I’ve got a DVD, which is interlaced.

Now usually when backing up movies etc that are interlaced I set DVD Re-Builder to do the de-interlacing for me as part of the compression. However, the DVD in question does not require compression, and I can’t seem to make DVD Re-Builder deinterlace it for me.

Is there a program out there I can run on the vob files to deinterlace it before I put it back onto DVD?



Someone must know… Perhaps there is a better category for this question?

If you “import” your video files to a video editor/authoring software and you fix the project definitions to de-interlace you will get it fixed in the produced DVD.
I could indicate you some but I don’t know your preferences.
Have a look at
where you will find info on products and user guides

In Rebuilder there is an option for a file not to be compressed. Did you try that? There is a software which will do de-interlacing also, but it is not free. I use TMPGEnc Xpress, that one will do it.