Degradation visible?


I recently made some backups of my laserdiscs to DVD, but soon after discovered that a few of the DVDs had large dark spots on them. Upon checking the forum I discovered that other people have had success both writing and playing such discs, but I think I want to make new copies just in case.

So, as long as the software (in this case DVDdecrypter) reads and writes the discs correctly, will the data (in this case video) stay intact during the transfer. Or, will the dark spots manifest themselves (jitters, stutters etc) on the actual film even though the burner and software didn’t report any problems?

Laserdisc is an analog format and just presents a white line or something else when the player cannot read the content, but seeing DVD as digital format, shouldn’t I get read errors during the copying process? I really don’t want to spend hours upon hours watching the LD-player again…

Which media have you used? :slight_smile:

I used genuine “That’s” TY 8x dvd media and all… =/

Alright, now I’m starting to get really paranoid. Out of 50 discs from the same package (might be different batches though) of the TY discs mentioned above, approx 20 had dark spots in varying amounts and sizes. I tried to play one that had a one cm long stripe of “black”, but the disc seemed to be healthy. Question is: what is it? Why is it? And what will happen? (rot? status quo? end of the world?)

You should have the discs replaced if they look faulty/unhealthy :slight_smile:

Yes, I know, but the discs were bought a long time ago and in Japan at that. What I need to know is if I can make backups of my possibly unhealthy backups without losing my data (as long as the burn process don’t show any errors of course).

If you succeed to make a copy it’s fine and trustable when made on good media. If the discs read back fine you can back them up :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the info! One more thing: if the new backups fail, how will this manifest itself? Will there be any defects on the movie itself or just stuttering, skipping, etc?

Hi Rablador, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

If you have a bad digital copy, you will see freezing, skipping, corrupt video blocks on the screen, or similar problems, and possibly popping noises in the audio.

Hmm, that’s true… But let’s say I made a backup from an unhealthy disc and both the burner and burning software reported no problems, what would that new backup look like?

(Am I repeating myself over and over again? ^_^; )

Since your copying digital content, the copy will be perfect unless you get errors during the copying process.

New problems can be introduced on the copy however, due to bad media, a bad burning drive, incompatibility between media and burner, incompatibility between media and player, a player with poor reading capability, or a combination of these factors.

(Am I repeating myself over and over again? ^_^; )
Yep, but sometimes that can be necessary to get a good answer. :wink:

Ah, finally the answer I’ve been looking for! (not that I’m not happy with the help from you other guys/girls ^_^; )

Unless the copying process fails I won’t have to start up the old LD-player tonight after all. Phew…

Oh, one more thing. What software do you recommend for doing the backups? I read all over the net about software capable of making “exact” copies, pointed out like it would be a special feature. Won’t all programs do that? Take Nero, which has a DVD copy function, won’t the backups have the exact same data as the originals?